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Paul Timothy Hill

B (82.93%)
1393.24/1680 points
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Assignment Grades

Assignment name Assignment grade Assignment drop grade
Terms Test, 8/26 88/100 (88%, B) This grade was dropped Dropped (Reinstate)
N. America Map 76/100 (76%, C) Drop this grade
Country Presentation 90/100 (90%, A) Drop this grade
Caribbean Sea Map 99/100 (99%, A) Drop this grade
Test Chap 1 & 2 91/100 (91%, A) Drop this grade
Canada Map 60/100 (60%, D) Drop this grade
Test, Chapters 3 & 4 93/100 (93%, A) Drop this grade
So., Central America Maps 82/100 (82%, B) Drop this grade
Mexico Maps 100/100 (100%, A) Drop this grade
Middle East Map 91/100 (91%, A) Drop this grade
Test, Chapters 5-6 87/100 (87%, B) Drop this grade
Israel Map 94/100 (94%, A) This grade was dropped Dropped (Reinstate)
Test, Chap's. 7 & 8 80/100 (80%, B) Drop this grade
Running Sentences 68/100 (68%, D) Drop this grade
U.K. Map 90/100 (90%, A) Drop this grade
Mediterranean Map 0/100 (0%, F) Drop this grade
Final Exam 91/100 (91%, A) Drop this grade
Demo Slot Pragmatic --No grade/90 Drop this grade
download lagu --No grade/100 Drop this grade
Lånepenger --No grade/100 Drop this grade
Regnr 80/80 (100%, A) Drop this grade
What is Unit Circle? --No grade/2 Drop this grade
思培考试技巧 95.24/100 (95.24%, A) Drop this grade