Your grade sheet for Principles of Geography (GEOG0200 (UG15)-01)

Mrs. Amaris Dorothea Evans

B (86.71%)
1387.33/1600 points
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Assignment Grades

Assignment name Assignment grade Assignment drop grade
Terms Test, 8/26 95/100 (95%, A) Drop this grade
N. America Map 92/100 (92%, A) Drop this grade
Country Presentation 92/100 (92%, A) Drop this grade
Caribbean Sea Map 88/100 (88%, B) Drop this grade
Test Chap 1 & 2 95/100 (95%, A) Drop this grade
Canada Map 76/100 (76%, C) This grade was dropped Dropped (Reinstate)
Test, Chapters 3 & 4 95/100 (95%, A) Drop this grade
So., Central America Maps 96/100 (96%, A) Drop this grade
Mexico Maps 98/100 (98%, A) Drop this grade
Middle East Map 82/100 (82%, B) Drop this grade
Test, Chapters 5-6 74/100 (74%, C) Drop this grade
Israel Map 96/100 (96%, A) Drop this grade
Test, Chap's. 7 & 8 38/100 (38%, F) This grade was dropped Dropped (Reinstate)
Running Sentences 61/100 (61%, D) Drop this grade
U.K. Map 82/100 (82%, B) Drop this grade
Mediterranean Map 93/100 (93%, A) Drop this grade
Final Exam 65/100 (65%, D) Drop this grade
Coil nail making process: --No grade/150 Drop this grade
Demo Slot Pragmatic --No grade/90 Drop this grade
Different Types Of Pipe Fittings --No grade/88 Drop this grade
download lagu --No grade/100 Drop this grade
Einhell --No grade/10 Drop this grade
high iq --No grade/10 Drop this grade
How To Buy Stainless Steel Coils From China? --No grade/88 Drop this grade
How To Care For Teen lingerie --No grade/150 Drop this grade
How To Change My First Baby Diaper? --No grade/150 Drop this grade
How To Change My First Baby Diaper? Changing diapers is perhaps the most dreaded baby care activity of all. Whether you use disposable or cloth diapers, you will certainly be glad of the fact that they're simpler to use and keep hold of more fluid --No grade/150 Drop this grade
How to Fix Hotel Door Locks --No grade/123 Drop this grade
How to Make a Perfect Cup of Pickwick Tea --No grade/143 Drop this grade
How to raise indoor plants in winter? --No grade/99 Drop this grade
Lånepenger --No grade/100 Drop this grade
laser cleaning machine --No grade/150 Drop this grade
Popular Ring Styles of Major Luxury Brands – You Deserve to Have it --No grade/150 Drop this grade
ratio --No grade/34 Drop this grade
Regnr --No grade/80 Drop this grade
SSL-912 integrated solar street light advantage --No grade/150 Drop this grade
Sweet Bonanza --No grade/98 Drop this grade
Tone Bridge Saw --No grade/125 Drop this grade
Trunnion Ball valve Design --No grade/8 Drop this grade
What is TFT-LCD? --No grade/126 Drop this grade
What is Unit Circle? --No grade/2 Drop this grade
What’s the type of plastic injection molding? --No grade/150 Drop this grade
Where to travel in China during the May Holiday 2022? --No grade/150 Drop this grade
Для чего можно использовать прокси серверы сегодня? --No grade/1000 Drop this grade
Как сделать цветной дым? --No grade/1000 Drop this grade
思培考试技巧 83.33/100 (83.33%, B) Drop this grade
谷歌SEO优化 --No grade/10 Drop this grade